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March 28, 2008



Thanks for the compliment on the pirouette! I did do some browsing in your artwork and I must say that I love it. As someone who can draw no more than stick figures and doodles, I am always amazed at those with artistic talent.


I really wish I could be home more. I miss those trips to the city with you guys and the kids. I hope this summer allows for more of them! And I will be snatching that hat pattern as soon as you've finished it. ADORABLE! Wee, new things to knit!

The Flying Trilobite

Perhaps it is merely a kind of geeky-cool. Thanks for checking out my site (and hopefully my paintings).

I have not, and may never be a person who uses wool for his own ends, thought there is constant peer pressure for men to knit here in Toronto.

I like the Pirouette.


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